EGA - Piacenza Expo
20 July 2011
20 July 2011

• The European Directive 2006/118/EC and 2008/105/EC on the subsequent protection of groundwater, now implemented by the various national countries, does not consider the risk related to underground works, such as from water wells . The Organizers feel the need of technical rules which will guide the activities of operators in underground to reduce the risk of deterioration of the aquifers and simultaneously stimulate the growth of their professional operators. 

• The absence of a voluntary standards (such as UNI and UNI-EN), which governs the sector represents a very serious delay in our industry. The fragments present in the international standards should be resolved in favor of rules that cover not only organic materials or services, but the whole process of design, construction and operation of wells. 

• The training of rig’s drillers and operators of the industry is deeply felt among the companies that build wells. It’s possible to imagine a joint effort to define appropriate training and organizing specialized courses that contribute to the emergence of a new generation of skilled technicians to the challenges of increasingly advanced in an evolving market.